Glitchr Studio
Based in Bordeaux, France

Release date:
15 February, 2017

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Take a stroll in a peaceful VR sanctuary high in the clouds. Empty your mind, focus and unleash your combat skills. With your robot companion, explore the archipelago to reveal its secrets and become a true samurai.


Have you ever wanted to be a samurai? On this beautiful archipelago high in the clouds, you can make your dreams come true. You will follow the instructions of Delios-Sensei, your only friend out there. He will teach you how to progress in the warrior's way and explore the secrets of Zen. Archery, Katana moves, throwing arts and many other practices await you. And if you need rest, take a stroll around the islands to enjoy panoramas in front of a beautiful sunset. With fair scoring mechanics, and arcade style gameplay, it's a perfect game to have fun in your house parties. Sky Sanctuary is not a limited experience, there is fun beyond game modes. Test weapons, multiple interactions are directly designed to let you play the way you want without any rules. This is the good thing about VR.


  • Master the way of samurai: Bow, katana, shaken, smoke bomb and way more weapons to come.
  • Freely explore a stunning environment: You're not stuck in one place with your weapons. You can move all around the islands and enjoy beautiful panoramas.
  • Make a new friend: You're not alone. Delios your kawaii robot companion will train you and guide you through your journey.
  • Be ready for new content: We have crafted 4 main islands with care, love and scalability in mind. Thus, we will easily connect new ones for upcoming amazing activities (soon tm).
  • Spam the bull's eye: Bend your bow and discover Kyudo (japanese archery). With 3 Game Modes available (Precision, Dynamic, Skeet), become the real #RobinHoodSama.
  • Cut tatami rolls in a frenetic race: Draw your katana in several difficulty modes. As a Tameshigiri master, seek for the perfect moves.
  • Get the best out of your HTC Vive: Don't be shy, move your body. Sky Sanctuary is especially designed for your device and its motion tracking system.
  • Beat the highscores: Compete with your friends all around the world in leaderboards. Become a legend.


Early Access Trailer YouTube

Teaser YouTube

Katana Gameplay Footage YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "3rd best VR game" VR Connects London, 17 January, 2017
  • "VR/AR Content Winner" Laval Virtual, 14 March, 2017

Selected Articles

  • "This little gem popped up out of nowhere, and covers some familiar ground, but more importantly, provides an arena for growth and shows great potential."
    - dgtlhrt, Vive Report
  • "With its awesome graphics and its soundtrack that brings a lot to the ambience, Sky Sanctuary will please everyone, whether young or old."
    - Lucki, Les Players du Dimanche
  • "It’s still in early access and if the developer keeps the pace and adds more content it has much potential."
    - Alexander Busch, MassVR

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About Glitchr Studio

French indie video games studio made up of Gautier Ciaudo and Thomas Sebire, based in Bordeaux. With self-funding as survival mode, we farm gold by crafting applications for digital agencies and big companies. Each day, we test our Unity, Android, iOS, VR skills to level up. As the Internet is our culture, we glitch with no doubt to think outside the box.

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