Glitchr Studio
Based in Bordeaux, France

Founding date:
January 2, 2015


Press / Business contact:


Grenade Practice
Sky Sanctuary

46 rue Promis
33100 Bordeaux

+336 85 28 07 09


French indie video games studio made up of Gautier Ciaudo and Thomas Sebire, based in Bordeaux. With self-funding as survival mode, we farm gold by crafting interactive experiences for digital agencies and big companies. Each day, we test our Unity, Unreal, VR / AR skills to level up. As the Internet is our culture, we glitch with no doubt to think outside the box.


Early Game

Thomas and Gautier met up at university (IMAC engineering school) where they teamed up for several projects such as video games, 3D engines, mobile applications or websites as student projects. They also learned basics about communication, marketing and graphisms so they have all the tools required to build their own projects.

Mid Game

At the end of their studies, they decided to split up, going their own way into different specialities in order to acquire solid professional knowledge. After three years on their own they wanted to combine forces again to create their own studio. Gautier has now a professional background in video game industry (Asobo Studio, Kylotonn Games) and R&D (INRIA). He worked on innovative projects for big companies like Microsoft and The Foundry. Concerning Thomas, his experience at Casus Belli and as a freelancer has brought him to work on web and mobile projects for big brands such as Disney Japan, Crédit Agricole, Turner, Jardiland...

Late Game

Here we are! Gltichr studio was founded in January 2015. The main goal of the studio is to develop fun games for PC and consoles. But for that, the studio needs to survive and its economical model is to spend half time working on projects for key accounts (e.g. GDF Suez, Crédit Agricole, Huggies, Orange, Zara). As personal purposes, the first year of work was spent working on projects to show what they can do with two persons in the company. Flydasher is their first mobile game made with Unity3D and Grenade Practice is their first mobile app available on Android and iOS. Today, the studio works on Sky Sanctuary, a VR game for everyone who want to become a true samurai.



Sky Sanctuary: Release Trailer YouTube

Flydasher: Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Sky Sanctuary: 3rd best VR game" - VR Connects London, 17 January, 2017
  • "Sky Sanctuary: VR/AR Content Winner" - Laval Virtual, 14 March, 2017

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