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Release date:
23 September, 2015

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Flydasher is an endless runner mobile game in a fancy cartoon universe. With a responsive and nervous gameplay, the player has to dodge obstacles by jumping, dashing and breaking through them. As old golden age arcade game, the ultimate goal is to be at the first place on the leaderboard. It's hard but unlockable rewards are here as intermediate challenges.


This is our very first game at Glitchr Studio. The initial goal was to have a demo project for customers. We have tried to make a game that mixes the gameplay of Flappy Bird (flying without touching the ground) and Robot Unicorn Attack (dashing to break obstacles and speed up your moves). So it was a simple level in which you had to jump and dash through obstacles to prove that we can make 2D games with Unity3D. But bit by bit, the gameplay felt very pleasant, funny, responsive and nervous. On top of that, our artist made incredible assets and created a fancy cartoon universe. So we decided to push Flydasher one step further with more obstacles patterns, more assets, rewards, smoothed progression, make it more competitive, etc. And here it is, the game is available on Android and iOS.


  • Jump, dash and break through dangerous obstacles.
  • Unlimited time on a run. But randomization makes it complicated.
  • Hard, very hard. (Did we say it's hard as hell?)
  • But you have unlockable crowns.
  • An incredible soundtrack by Nathan Dandy that gives you supapowa to be the first on the leaderboard.


Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Footage YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (14MB)

download logo files as .zip (458KB)

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Flydasher Soundtrack by Nathan Dandy
Available for free from soundcloud.com.

About Glitchr Studio

French indie video games studio made up of Gautier Ciaudo and Thomas Sebire, based in Bordeaux. With self-funding as survival mode, we farm gold by crafting interactive experiences for digital agencies and big companies. Each day, we test our Unity, Unreal, VR / AR skills to level up. As the Internet is our culture, we glitch with no doubt to think outside the box.

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