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21 July, 2015

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Grenade Practice is a handy mobile application that helps you to find good spots in Counter Strike : Global Offesnsive to throw your grenades (Smokes, HE, Flashbangs, Incendiaries) in the most played competitve maps (Dust2, Inferno, Mirage, Cache, Cobblestone). Different ways to learn are used : videos, screenshots and/or textual instructions. With that you know precisely where to aim, and how to throw. In high level ranked games, it makes the difference.


This is our very first mobile application at Glitchr Studio. As we are amateur CS:GO players, we needed that kind of application : something handy, that you can check and use while playing to improve your skill. There are so many spots that it's hard to memorize precisely all of them. Nothing like this was avalaible on stores when we decided to start the project. The problem was that we had other customers's projects to finish first so that we could not spend all our time on it. So at our forth month since the creation of the company we decided to take Bastien Sebire for a three months intership as an android developer. He was very efficient and he has spent all his three months on the application, with our help. The application was maybe 70% done when he left the company. So we have spent the next month finishing and polishing the application on Android. It was released on Android on July the 21st. In parallel we were working on our Flydasher game, and even if we work on Unity3D for our games, we use native languages for that kind of mobile application. So the iOS version was released two months later on September the 19th.


  • More than 300 grenades throwing spots.
  • Screenshots, videos and/or instructions. Choose how to learn!
  • Add spots to your favorites list for a quick overview.
  • Most played competitive maps covered (Dust2, Inferno, Mirage, Cache, Cobblestone).
  • New spots and maps are automatically added to the application.


iOS App Preview YouTube

Android App Preview YouTube


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